Australian Bushfire Fundraiser

We are all aware of the massive bushfires that have spread across Australia since November. Record-breaking temperatures, climate change, and months of severe drought have been attributed to this devastation, loss of human lives, homes, and property, Australia’s animals, flora and fauna.

An Aussie at heart (born to Australian parents from Melbourne and Sydney), now living in New York, I have launched this photo campaign to do my part in bringing more awareness and raising funds to help where it can be most needed. 

Make a donation to one of the specified charities listed below, and receive up to four 8”x10” from the selection of photos

Thank you for joining me and making your donation to one of these verified charitable organizations.

Together we can all make a small difference.

Alexi Rosenfeld


1. Make your minimum $25 donation and choose one of these three Australian local organizations.

WIRES Wildlife Centre -

Australian Red Cross -

RSPCA New South Wales - 

2. On the site already: Select the photo number you would like to receive as a thank you for your donation.

$25 – one photo $50 – two photos $75 – three photos $100 - four photos

3. Send a copy of your donation receipt, your mailing address and your selected photos to:

4. Feel free to share with friends and on your social media.

For more information, contact Alexi Rosenfeld –

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